Mattia Ceccarelli

Italy - See CLM PRODUCT REWIEW further below -

" I usually test lactate during race pace training. Mostly myself, or my coach , when he is present. I really think this CLM sensor will be the new gold standard in training. It will be really useful during race pace, threshold and under threshold sessions, to be sure to work in the right zone. "



  • 4x Italian Champion
  • 6x Top3 Ironman & Challenge 70.3 races
  • Italian champion middel distance with Overcome team

Product Review

Review date: 12 July 2024.
Mattia: " I tested the new ONASPORT CLM from Tri-excellence. It needs some care to wear it correctly, but after that you can forget it, it's exactly like a heart rate band. It's amazing to have the possibility to check the real-time lactate, as well as the sodium-loss and the sweat-loss.
I think it could become the new 'must have' for every athlete."