Guido Vroemen

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" The CLM sensor gives continuous lactate measurements, this makes control of the lactate levels much more valuable. The CLM sensor also measures fluid-loss and electrolyte-loss, which I think is also very important for Ironman athletes. They need to replenish fluid and electrolytes sufficiently. "



Guido Vroemen is a sports doctor, medical biologist and exercise physiologist. Guido is a certified triathlon trainer and successful trainer/coach of several (Olympic) athletes like Jetze Plat (paralympic champion handbike) and triathletes like Youri Keulen, Tristan Olij and Diede Diederiks. After completing these 2 university studies, he completed the 4-year specialization to become a sports doctor. Guido works as a sports doctor at SMA Midden Nederland. Guido was union doctor of the Dutch Triathlon Association (NTB) from 2006 to 2022.

Guido is an (inter)national authority on exercise physiology and training with power meters and is author of the book: ‘the secret of cycling’.
Guido himself has been an active cyclist for many years and has extensive experience as a triathlete and duathlete.

Besides sports doctor and medical biologist, Guido is a passionate trainer who is always looking for opportunities for improvement. He combines his enormous analytical capacity with the latest knowledge and developments.

Guido: "I myself work a lot with athletes who compete at the highest level, but also many who are at a slightly lower level but want to get the best out of themselves. I work with endurance athletes (cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, running) so in addition to data such as heart rate and power output, I am also interested in lactate. Some of my athletes have their own lactate meter to check these values during training sessions and pass them on to me in order to make any necessary adjustments. I often use lactate control with athletes when training with FTP blocks, or blocks around a tipping point. Then I don't want lactate values to get too high."

Product Review

Review date 14 July.
Guido: ' I have recently conducted some tests with a new sensor on the market: the Continuous Lactate Monitor.

Which values are measured:

- Lactate
- Heart rate
- Sweat loss
- Sodium concentration in sweat
- Sodium loss
- Dehydration rate

I conducted 2 tests:

1) Cycling: field endurance training total 150 min including 5 x intervals of about 3 min just above FTP

2)  Cycling: Indoor, protocol starts at 100W for 15 min and then every 3 min + 30W to a maximum of 330W, then cycling out at 100W

Conclusion: Lactate values proved to be well reliable during this field test and indoor test.

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