Frederik van Lierde


"The athletes I coach measure their lactate levels once every 6 months. The huge advantage of the CLM sensor is that, as a coach, I have continuous insight in the triathletes' blood-lactate levels. If zones move up I can adjust schedules. As a result, the athletes train more sensibly and efficiently."



For years, Frederik has been an active professional triathlete, both in the short distance and long distance disciplines. Frederik realized 9 Ironman victories (incl. 5x Ironman France Nice), was European Champion 1/2 triathlon (2007) and Ironman World Champion (2013 in Kona, Hawaii).
His experience goes beyond his own sports career. As a coach (FVL Coaching), Frederik was able to help several athletes realize their dream, from finishing a first triathlon to the ultimate goal: qualifying for the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

Frederik's coaching program is named 'Structure', referring to a key principle in his approach to coaching.

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