Frederik van Lierde


"The athletes I coach measure their lactate levels once every 6 months. The huge advantage of the CLM sensor is that, as a coach, I have continuous insight in the triathletes' blood-lactate levels. If zones move up I can adjust schedules. As a result, the athletes train more sensibly and efficiently."

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Guido Vroemen

Netherlands - See CLM PRODUCT REWIEW further below -

"The CLM sensor gives continuous lactate measurements, this makes control of the lactate levels much more valuable. The CLM sensor also measures fluid-loss and electrolyte-loss, which I think is also very important for Ironman athletes. They need to replenish fluid and electrolytes sufficiently."

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Parker Spencer

United States

"We do a lot of blood lactate testing on a regular basis. It would be ideal to have a semi-continuous CLM sensor that can show blood lactate without needing to stop and get it from the athletes ear. "

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Paul Verkleij


"With the use of the CLM sensor, I can start monitoring athletes even better individually and make a direct adjustment in the training load. This will then ensure greater training load effectiveness."

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