Paul Verkleij


"With the use of the CLM sensor, I can start monitoring athletes even better individually and make a direct adjustment in the training load. This will then ensure greater training load effectiveness."



Paul Verkleij is a triathlon coach with years of experience in elite, competitive and recreational sports. Paul did his first triathlon at the age of 14 and, after many years as a sports professional, is more passionate than ever about supporting motivated athletes in their sporting goals.

After finishing his work as a talent coach for the NTB (Dutch Triathlon Association), Paul founded the (foundation) Triathlon Academy Almere. With this initiative, there has remained the structure to continue developing your talent in triathlon sport.

Besides this work, Paul works for Tri2one and coaches several (semi-)professional athletes (including Milan Brons).
The fascination to reach his/her goals with each athlete remains a wonderful challenge and in this, good monitoring is necessary to achieve these goals.

Paul's motto: When pleasure in sport and good interaction with each other come together, improvement is possible at every level!

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