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In combination with The CLM Basestation, this sensor allows you to measure heartbeat, hydrationstatus, electrolyte-loss and blood-lactate-levels. 

The CLM ONAS10 sensors are replaceable, single-use, cartridge sensors. The cartridge sensors works for around 2 hours after the start of the training. 

The CLM ONAS10 Sensor is to be used in combination with The CLM Basestation.

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Product Information

Enhance Your Endurance Training with the ONASPORT CLM sensor

The ONASPORT CLM sensor is designed for endurance athletes to optimize training by monitoring lactate thresholds in real-time. Training just below your lactate threshold helps improve performance and recovery, allowing you to push a little harder each week without overtraining or increasing the risk of injury. The ONASPORT CLM sensor makes this process seamless and precise, offering continuous insights that help you adjust your intensity for maximum progress.

Real-Time Lactate Monitoring Benefits

Traditionally, determining your lactate threshold involves laboratory tests, which provides guideline-values of heart-rate and power that you use for several months. Alternatively portable blood lactate meters can be used, with all their hassle (prick blood in ear or finger, need for stopping your training, unusable measurements due to sweat particles in blood samples). The ONASPORT CLM sensor changes this by offering real-time lactate monitoring, enabling you to adjust your training based on up-to-date data every session. With real-time insights, you can fine-tune your training more frequently and effectively than ever before.

Easy and Non-Invasive Measurement

Unlike portable blood lactate meters that require inconvenient and painful blood samples, The ONASPORT CLM sensor uses a non-invasive sensor that attaches to a chest strap. The sensor continuously measures blood lactate levels from sweat, eliminating interruptions during your training (resulting in quality recovery time), providing a stress-free training and more reliable data.

Also real-time Fluid-loss, Electrolyte-loss and Heart-rate measurements

Next to continuous lactate, the sensor also monitors (de)hydration values and heart-rate. The dehydration values Fluid-loss and electrolyte-loss are also displayed every minute. This information gives you valuable insight in the dehydration reaction of your body. You can learn in training how to prepare for your races.

The CLM ONAS10 Sensor

The additional CLM ONAS10 sensors have a limited shelf life. After delivery, the ONAS10 sensor can be stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of 6 months. Subsequently, the sensor has an additional maximum shelf life of 2 months when stored at room temperature. Remove the sensor from the refrigerator 2 hours before use and allow it to reach room temperature.

How it works

Advanced Sweat-Measurement Technology

The ONASPORT CLM sensor employs advanced technology to monitor various parameters in your sweat. It measures lactate oxidase and combines these readings with other metrics to estimate blood lactate levels and to provide comprehensive data. An algorithm, refined through comparisons with actual blood samples, ensures accurate lactate readings in real-time.

Simple to use

Attach the ONASPORT sensor to the included chest strap, connect it to the ONASPORT App on your smartphone via Bluetooth and start your session. The sensor records data for up to 2 hours (after which the ONAS10 sweat-sensor is saturated), which can be monitored real-time or reviewed later. The app stores all your training data, allowing you to analyze performance trends and export information as needed.

What do you need

For the ONASPORT CLM sensor to work properly, you need the following components:

1) The ONASPORT CLM sensor base station
2) ONAS10 sensor

1) The ONASPORT CLM sensor base station.
It comes with battery, user instructions and chest strap. The chest strap (adjustable for chest circumference 58cm to 122cm / 23 inches to 48 inches) has a built-in heart rate monitor. The base station comes with 2 sensors ONAS10 (see below) for free. Use of the ONASPORT App (displays real-time values of the current workout, as well as data from previous workouts and you can download data via a CSV file) is also included.

Please note that the ONASPORT CLM sensor cannot be used while showering, swimming, etc.

2) The ONAS10 sensor

The ONAS10 sensor needs to be clicked into the base-station. The S10 sensors captures the sweat the athlete produces and measures the values in the sweat. The measured values are transmitted to the base-station, which in turn transmits the values to the App.

The ONAS10 sensors measure up to a maximum of about 2 hours, after which they are saturated. The sensors ONAS10 are for single use.


Cost-Effective and Comprehensive Monitoring

Compared to traditional blood lactate meters, the ONASPORT CLM sensor offers a more affordable and comprehensive solution. It provides continuous monitoring without the need for invasive blood sampling, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. The ONASPORT's ability to measure heart rate, electrolyte loss, and fluid loss simultaneously adds significant value, helping athletes and coaches make informed decisions to optimize training and performance.

Stay Updated and Informed

With continuous updates and improvements being made to the ONASPORT system, you can trust that you are using cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in your training. Sign up for the Tri-excellence newsletter to receive the latest tips, user experiences from elite triathletes and top-coaches that support Tri-excellence and news about ONASPORT. System- and algorithm-updates and improvements are being provided automatically to your existing ONASPORT CLM sensor.

Order Now

Experience the future of endurance training with the ONASPORT CLM sensor. Order your Onasport base station and ONAS10 sensors today to redefine your true potential.

User Tips

Tips for use of ONASPORT

  1. No ONAS10 sweat-sensor: If no ONAS10 sensor is placed inside the ONASPORT base-station, it still measures your heart-rate and displays this in the App.
  2. Proper ONAS10 sensor placement: Attach the ONAS10 sensor left or right from the center of your lower sternum (breast-bone) like a normal heart-rate strap, on a clean, dry skin. Use a bit of disinfectant alcohol to clean your skin before adhering the ONAS10 sensor on your skin for better adherence and accuracy. Make sure you dry the skin properly before attaching the sensor. Wet the conductive strips on the chest strap slightly for improved heart rate measurement.
  3. Pre-warming-up setup: Ensure the sensor is in place on your chest and the session is started in the ONASPORT App before beginning your warming-up. This ensures your skin is dry and the ONAS10 sensor adheres properly. The sensor needs to detect sweat to measure lactate levels, so a thorough warming-up is essential. This can take roughly 10-20 minutes, depending on the athlete and warming-up intensity.
  4. Team Use: Consider using one ONASPORT base station device among multiple team members to keep costs low while gaining valuable insights for the entire team. Each athlete should use a new ONAS10 sensor for accurate data.
  5. Connectivity: If training in an area without Wi-Fi, switch your phone to 4G/5G beforehand to ensure data is transmitted without delays. If you prefer not to carry a smartphone during training, the base-station will store data until you can sync it post-training.

Maintaining Performance and Accuracy

  • Ensure the sensor and chest strap are properly cleaned and maintained.
  • Regularly update the ONASPORT to benefit from the latest improvements and features.
  • Use the provided code to access the free ONASPORT App, which helps you monitor real-time data and store previous session data for comparison and analysis.

Please note that the ONAS10 sensors have a limited shelf life. The ONAS10 sensor can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 months after delivery. After that, the sensor has another maximum shelf life of 2 months when stored at room temperature. Remove the sensor from the refrigerator at least 2 hours before use and allow it to reach room temperature.


ONALABS is a Spanish company from founders Elisabet Del Valle and Xavi Muñoz-Pascual. For more than five years, the company has focused on developing wearable devices for non-invasive, continuous and remote monitoring of biomarkers. The company uses sweat as an intelligent bio-fluid and skin as a database of people's health status.

ONASPORT is a revolutionary product that continuously and non-invasively monitors biomarkers such as blood lactate, hydration and electrolytes. Work continues to add other biomarkers as well.

Research is being conducted in collaboration with INEFC, Velòdrom d'Horta Miquel Poblet, Andorra Research & Innovation, INDESCAT and CAR Sant Cugat, among others. ONALABS is ISO13485 and AEMPS (Medical Device Manufacturer Licence) certified.

Tri-excellence is global distribution partner for ONASPORT. Tri-excellence works with elite triathletes and top coaches. These help to further increase the practical applicability of the ONASPORT sensor.


When bought, the ONASPORT CLM sensor base station box includes two free S10 sweat-sensors. More S10 sweat-sensors can be bought directly from the Tri-Excellence shop to keep you redefining your true potential.


When you purchase the ONASPORT CLM sensor, you will receive a code that allows you to use the App. In the App, you can monitor current (real-time) measurement data. Information on blood-lactate-value, fluid-loss, electrolyte-loss and heart-rate are displayed.

The App also stores data from previous training sessions. Graphs are displayed, and you can also view specific data. The data can be exported as a CSV file. Use of this App is free.

  • Non-invasive Technology

    The measurements on blood-lactate, fluid-loss end electrolyte loss are done non-invasive. The sweat collected through the S10 sweat-sensor is analyzed so no blood pricking in ear or finger is needed.

  • Algorithm Improvement

    The algorithm used in the ONASPORT CLM sensor is continuously improved. Several elite triathletes and top-coaches support tri-excellence by providing feedback. This ensures continuous increase in reliability, accuracy and useability.

  • Real-Time

    The real-time measurements give direct information on your training intensity. Are you staying at or just below thresholds to optimize your improvement? How much fluid and electrolytes are your body losing? With real-time information you can act instantly.

  • Patented Technology

    The technology of the ONASPORT CLM sensor is patented. Various technology partners have assisted to improve the technology like CAR (High Performance Center) Sant Cugat and ErgoDinámica (Medical Sport Centre) Barcelona.

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  • Supported by elite triathletes and top-coaches.

  • Aaron Royle


    "My lactate measurements vary. An example might be 5 x 8 minutes threshold and I would take a lactate test after repetition 2 and 4. The advantage of the CLM sensor would be real time continuous measurements without having to stop to take a lactate test."

  • Guido Vroemen


    "The CLM sensor gives continuous lactate measurements, this makes control of the lactate levels much more valuable. The CLM sensor also measures fluid-loss and electrolyte-loss, which I think is also very important for Ironman athletes. They need to replenish fluid and electrolytes sufficiently."

  • Marjolaine Pierré


    "I do lactate testing on my own but it’s not the best method; you need to stop, open the pocket and start the process. I think the sensor is really nice to measure lactate especially for lt1 and lt2. I can see exactly the best speed/power to work with, thanks to data of the CLM sensor each 1 minute."

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